AirLife DuoTherm™ Humidification System

AirLife DuoTherm™ Humidification System

Finally, the Flexibility to Get Humidification “Just Right”

The AirLife DuoTherm™ Humidification System delivers heated, humidified respiratory gases to patients ranging from neonates to adults receiving invasive or non-invasive therapy. Respiratory gases are delivered from the therapy device or oxygen source into the humidification chamber where the gas is humidified and transported through the inspiratory breathing tube to the patient. The humidification system offers preset modes of use as well as the opportunity to adjust temperatures at the humidification chamber outlet and patient end to provide optimal therapy and to regulate the humidity output.

The AirLife DuoTherm™ has finely tuned customized circuits and humidifier that help deliver optimal performance through:

  • Consistent humidity output
  • Rainout management
  • Efficient workflow & usability
  • Flexible user control

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