Who is Vyaire?

Vyaire is a unified breathing company, dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of patients. Vyaire was formed in October 2016, when Apax Partners acquired Becton Dickinson’s (BD) respiratory solutions business and launched it as a standalone, global respiratory solutions company.

Today, we are an $800 million company with 27,000 SKUs sold in more than 100 countries. We are focused on innovation to advance the care of patients our customers serve. Many of the companies that created and advanced our industry over the last 65 years are now focused together under the Vyaire brand.

What distinguishes Vyaire from other companies offering respiratory care products?

Vyaire is the only pure-play company of its kind, focused exclusively on respiratory solutions. We are intent on being a recognized innovator in all market segments. Vyaire is also focused on helping customers reduce variability and improve patient outcomes.

Where is Vyaire headquartered?

Vyaire is headquartered at 26125 North Riverwoods Boulevard, Mettawa, Illinois, USA 60045

Is Vyaire a global company?

Yes, Vyaire is a global company with more than 27,000 SKUs sold in more than 100 countries.

What is the origin of the Vyaire name?

Vyaire was selected from among 1,700+ names submitted in a worldwide employee survey. "V" is present in many of our legacy brands and represents several words our work seeks to bring to customers and their patients, including vitality, viability and value. "Air" is essential to all we do.

Will the name of the products change to Vyaire?

Product labeling will transition to Vyaire over the next few years. This will happen over time because changes to product labels involve regulatory approvals by local governments.