Statement on the Defense Production Act to Supply Ventilator Manufacturers

Statement on the Defense Production Act to Supply Ventilator Manufacturers

“As the leading manufacturer of solutions for the treatment and monitoring of respiratory conditions at every stage of life, Vyaire Medical has been working tirelessly to deliver our ventilator equipment for patients in respiratory distress due to COVID-19, and to the healthcare workers treating them.

We are grateful for any support that ensures access to a robust global supply chain so that companies like ours can obtain the necessary components and equipment as we continue to ramp up production at our manufacturing facilities in North America. Unlike other manufacturers now being called into service, Vyaire is the only company solely dedicated to manufacturing equipment for respiratory care, previously manufacturing up to 1,700 ventilators per month.

Now, to help frontline responders and health systems manage and treat critical conditions due to COVID-19, our goal is to increase output exponentially and as quickly as possible. The Administration’s action is extremely beneficial as we focus our efforts on meeting this unprecedented demand and ensuring efficient, effective and timely distribution of our ventilators to the patients and caregivers who need them most.”

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