New Advisory Board to Share COVID-19 Insights

Dr. Michael Pedro, Vice President and Medical Director at Vyaire Medical

New Advisory Board to Share COVID-19 Insights

Vyaire Medical, the world’s largest healthcare company fully dedicated to respiratory care, is using its global reach to quickly disseminate vital information for the care and treatment of patients suffering from COVID-19 worldwide.

The company has assembled a new Medical Advisory Board composed of about a dozen healthcare professionals from around the world. “We have about a dozen key opinion leaders in the United States and internationally that we reach out to on a regular basis,” said Dr. Michael Pedro, vice president and medical director at Vyaire Medical.

The group launched a series of podcasts, white papers and research studies, all of which is published on Vyaire Medical’s COVID-19 Response Center. Topics range from best practices and protocols to product features and applications.

There are 4 podcasts series already live at the site, with another 6 in the works. Each series has multiple episodes. White papers and research studies are expected to appear in the coming weeks.

Dr. Pedro said when the COVID-19 pandemic began Vyaire Medical knew it wanted to do something to get information to the front line physicians, nurses, clinicians and respiratory therapists quickly. “It was pretty easy for us because we’re a global company with global reach,” he said.

He added that some physicians interviewed early on have returned to provide updates as treatment protocols and learnings have evolved. “As new information comes out we’re able to disseminate it rather quickly.”

For more information about Vyaire’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, visit the company’s COVID-19 Response Center.

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