Vyaire CEO Reaffirms Commitment to Frontline Medical Professionals

Vyaire Medical CEO Gaurav Agarwal announced several initiatives to support healthcare professionals.

Vyaire CEO Reaffirms Commitment to Frontline Medical Professionals

Vyaire Medical Inc., the world’s largest healthcare company fully dedicated to respiratory care, has undertaken several corporate initiatives in its continuing efforts to support the global healthcare community in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

On April 13 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services awarded Vyaire Medical a $407.9 million contract to produce 22,000 LTV2 2200 ventilators for the U.S. National Strategic Stockpile by June 29. The announcement came amid other actions Vyaire Medical was already taking to address the global healthcare crisis.

“As extraordinary actions continue to be taken by those providing healthcare services on the frontlines of the global COVID-19 pandemic, I want to extend deep appreciation and admiration for the heroic role these individuals are playing and the personal risk they are taking to help others,” said Gaurav Agarwal, who became Vyaire Medical CEO in January 2020.

“Vyaire Medical understands that frontline responders are facing unimaginable pressures as they rally exhausted teams, secure needed equipment and do everything possible to provide effective and compassionate care to patients and families suffering as a result of this unprecedented health crisis,” he continued. “Fulfilling this commitment requires incredible sacrifice and we want our valued partners to know we are completely focused on supporting you. We share your sense of urgency to provide caregivers around the world with the equipment and resources they need to ease the suffering of their patients and to help them fully recover.”

Vyaire took early and decisive action to adapt our manufacturing operations and increase production of ventilators and related consumables to meet surging demand.

Early Interventions: Because of the early and decisive action to dramatically increase production to meet the expected surge in demand for ventilation equipment, Vyaire is well-positioned to meet not only the HHS order but to also fulfill production orders from other state governments, hospitals and global health systems.

Employee Safety: Vyaire immediately implemented health and safety precautions in facilities around the world to limit colleagues’ exposure to the virus and ensure safe and hygienic working conditions. This effort included procuring personal protective equipment (PPE) and a number of targeted HR programs and services.

Increased Production: As the global pandemic has progressed, Vyaire has been ramping up operations and production capacity at its Palm Springs, Calif. and Mexicali facilities. As the need for expanded production and speedy delivery increases, Vyaire is expanding capacity at its other facilities abroad, including in Brazil and Malaysia, to ensure minimal disruption in deliveries to valued customers worldwide.

New Partnerships: Vyaire is actively securing partnerships with industrial manufacturing companies in the U.S. to further expand production and speed delivery of essential ventilation equipment to help meet the increase in demand. These partnerships will more than double the number of American workers producing LTV2 2200 machines that are part of the HHS contract.

Government & Regulatory Outreach: As a member of AdvaMed, the leading trade association for medical device makers, Vyaire has contributed its voice and expertise to that organization and our peers in the industry. Vyaire also has also had discussions with federal and state lawmakers who are crafting policies to help address concerns among their constituents as they seek solutions to health and economic issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Again, I want to thank the brave individuals leading the charge as we work in tandem to meet healthcare provider and patient needs during this unprecedented time. We are committed to our mission to improve patient outcomes and provide value to our customers and by working together, we are confident that we can succeed,” Agarwal said.

For more information about Vyaire’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, visit the company’s COVID-19 Response Center at https://www.vyaire.com/Covid-19.

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