Lung Protective Ventilation in the Neonate: Current State & Future Needs

Join Gianluca Lista, MD as he discusses common neonatal conditions in the delivery room and in the NICU and how different mechanical ventilation modalities can help the littlest of lungs.

Featured Guest

Gianluca Lista, MD
Director / Head of Neonatology Pathology and Neonatal Intensive Care

Gianluca Lista, MD, PhD is the chairman of the NICU of the V.Buzzi Children's Hospital, Milan, Italy. In his industry role, he has published more than 100 clinical papers and is a member of the editorial board of “Frontiers. Dr. Lista is an active member of the European Pediatric Research (ESPR) and Union of European Neonatal and Perinatal Societies (UENPS).

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