Vyaire Medical Advances into Artificial Intelligence-Supported Respiratory Diagnostics with New Tool

Vyaire Medical Advances into Artificial Intelligence-Supported Respiratory Diagnostics with New Tool

CHICAGO, April 07, 2021—Vyaire Medical today announced the European launch of ArtiQ.PFT, an automated tool driven by artificial intelligence that instantly interprets pulmonary function tests (PFTs). The technology’s algorithms detected disease pattern in 82 percent of cases, compared to 45 percent by pulmonologists, according to a multi-center study published in the European Respiratory Journal.[1]

“Vyaire is at the forefront of incorporating the latest digital technology to ensure people’s breathing needs are met,” said Gaurav Agarwal, chief executive officer of Vyaire. “By introducing this technology, we can help clinicians feel confident in their diagnosis at the outset, enhancing their patients’ care from the start.”

ArtiQ.PFT is the first cloud-based PFT-solution that leverages artificial intelligence. Prior to ArtiQ.PFT, pulmonologists spent a significant number of hours each week interpreting lengthy data to establish a diagnosis. This technology provides a standardized and unbiased diagnostic interpretation in seconds, allowing clinicians to focus on clinical decision making and patient consult.

“Getting to the right treatment plan as soon as possible is critical for patients, and this technology helps clinicians reduce redundant testing and get people the care they need faster,” said Michael Pedro, M.D., vice president and medical director of Vyaire. “ArtiQ.PFT can help minimize time lost due to misdiagnosis, the ramifications of which are significant, particularly as we look ahead to a potential increase of individuals with long-term lung damage as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Through a partnership with Belgian-based ArtiQ, ArtiQ.PFT is now integrated into SentrySuite™ in Europe, the software platform for all Vyntus™ Pulmonary Function Systems. SentrySuite provides an automated workflow process that seamlessly connects with existing networks and clinical infrastructures.

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