iX5™ Ventilator

Providing critical care clinicians and hospital administrators with long-term reliability and high-quality performance they can trust.

The patented iX5 ClearView™ user interface enables precision ventilation within a complex, sensory rich environment.

For critical care clinicians looking for innovative solutions to simplify care for ventilated patients, Vyaire offers the iX5 ventilator, an easy-to-use, reliable product that helps clinicians identify and triage valuable patient data to help deliver positive outcomes.

The iX5 ventilator was designed for hospital administrators looking for technologies with multipurpose applications and a low total cost of ownership (COO).

Features & Benefits

Easy to See - Easy to Use
The iX5 ClearView screen provides clinicians relevant, real time patient data. From a distance, the user can quickly assess their patient through simplified, color coded lung models and patient data

Adaptable and Multipurpose
The iX5 ventilator ventilates any patient, from neonates to adult patients both invasively and noninvasively. The durable, high-performance iX5 ventilator provides customers long-term performance and serviceability to deliver an in-service fleet at a low cost of total ownership.

Reliable Critical Alarms
Recently, regulatory authorities and third party healthcare reviewers identified that clinicians can become desensitized to alarms. The iX5 ventilator helps ensure proper attention to alarm management to enable easy call-to-action prompting.

Designed for serviceability with minimal maintenance requirements, filters, batteries and paramagnetic O2 cell.

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